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Go Bars / Halligan

These solid, one piece, steel alloy, multipurpose Hallagan tools are your best companion for any dangerous breaching operation. The pike & pry head and bottom fork are a classic design that has endured the test of time. This is one of the most important tactical tools in your SWAT tool breaching arsenal.

  • Incredibly Powerful
  • Virtually Indestructable
  • Cast Steel Alloys
  • Easily sharpened Edges
  • Durable Black Tactical Finish
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GB 30 - Halligan Forcible Entry Tool
Super Go Bar w/ Sling, Length: 30 inches, Weight: 10 pounds, Hallagan Bar
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GB 20 - Halligan Forcible Entry Tool
2 In 1 Go Bar Kit, Length: 20 Inches, Weight: 4 Pounds, Hallagan Bar, Perfect for use in tight spaces
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GB 29 - Spark Free Halligan Breaching Tool
Team Go bar w/Sling, Length: 29 Inches, Weight: 10 Pounds, Spark Free Hallagan Bar
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GBN -25 Non-Conductive Halligan
GBN-25 / 30" solid fiberglass shaft with steel fork, pick and adz ends
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